A brief encounter with stock exchanges
A brief encounter with stock exchanges

A brief encounter with stock exchanges

We all hear of these weird abbreviations, with lots of different letters in them that don’t really mean anything to those who do not invest. They are stock exchanges!Okay let’s begin with some of the best known stock exchanges.

The London Stock Exchange is the original and one of the three most heard of and most used exchanges in the world. It may not be known by many but the London stock exchange and the Borsa Italiana have merged and it has alliances with eight other European stock exchanges.

This means they have created a leading and diversified European group that makes it a force to be reckoned with and is worth taking a long and hard look at.

Before this happened you may have known of the London Stock Exchange by the abbreviation ‘LSEG’. It is now the LSE.

You may have heard of the FTSE (Financial Times Stock Exchange), which is not actually a stock exchange but an index of the best performing companies within the London Stock Exchange.There are three main American stock exchanges, the first of which is the AMEX that started out in 1842. Let’s not get too much into the history of these things, although it does go back to colonial times, where almost everything about stocks and shares comes from. So let’s blame the British for making us all lots of money (why not they do it so well)!

Then there is the NYSE & the NASDAQ.

Out of the three major American stock exchanges, the AMEX (stands for American Stock Exchange) is known to have the most liberal policies concerning company listings, as most of its companies are generally smaller compared to the NYSE (stands for New York Stock Exchange) and NASDAQ (stands for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations).Another major force in the world of stock exchanges is the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), only established recently after the Second World War on April 1st 1949. This exchange has grown within business and popularity not just in the Western world but also has helped other companies and even governments within Asia develop within the world wide community.

Getting to know all these different exchanges is not difficult, but will need some additional research. We will be spilling the beans on these and more stock exchanges, so come back soon to look at more information on these and the lesser known markets which are up and coming and ready for your investments!