Gold - The Investor’s Dream
Gold - The Investor’s Dream

Gold – The Investor’s Dream

It is possible that you have heard ‘leave the investing in gold to the professionals’. Don’t listen to that, they just don’t want you to have a piece of this profitable pie.

The interesting thing about gold is that it is a commodity and doesn’t earn interest like your regular investments but is based on the profit you can get if you can sell it for more money then you paid for it.

One way to invest is to invest in Gold bullion around the world with American Eagle, the UK Britannia, or Australian Nugget to name a few. Gold coins are invested around the world on a daily basis with a ready market. Value is not only based on the gold content but their artistic beauty.

You could choose to invest in gold mining companies. You will need to do some research into the companies you choose and determine their future prospects in terms of potential and growth of the company. With gold mining mutual funds you could diversify with a few gold mining companies around the world to lessen your risk.

lthough the gold market seems to be a volatile one, you have to consider that gold is immune from factors like economics because of the worldwide interest.

Gold is being invested somewhere round around the world every minute of the day in London. New York, Tokyo, Zurich and Hong Kong to name a few, it’s a case of being in the right place at the right time.

Gold is not just for jewelry but for things like satellites and other objects that need its soft alloy quantities. It is needed by many countries all around the world and is a liquid stock, as it is being bought and sold all the time so when the time is right it is easy to get rid of – an investor’s dream.In 2001, average price of gold was $274, in 2005 it was $445. As of today, gold is worth around $770.