10 Ways to Earn Passive Income Without Working!

Passive income is a type of income that allows you to earn income without even working, so the money comes to you on its own. However, how to make passive income needs to be cultivated first.

For those of you who want to earn profitable passive income, here are ways to try passive income.


How to have a profitable passive income

Having passive income or passive income is profitable. You don’t have to work either, even when you sleep the money comes by itself.

However, in order to earn passive money, you need to work on it for some time. Here’s a passive income idea you can implement from now on.

  • affiliate program
  • Rent a property
  • Sale of license system photos
  • Write a book and publish it
  • Creation of Youtube content
  • Long-term equity investment
  • sell art
  • Creating a smartphone application
  • Do you have a personal blog
  • Selling video tutorials or learning

1. Affiliate Program

Passive income can be earned by joining an affiliate business offered by an online store or marketplace. Registration is usually easy and the conditions are not complicated.

They are later tasked with sharing product links on social media or other platforms. If someone buys an item through that link, the shop gives you a commission.

The more items that are successfully sold through this link, the more profit you will make. As long as the link is not removed, other people can use the link to shop. You do nothing, the money goes to your account.

Affiliate businesses can also be a source of passive income for students who want to earn money while studying.

2. Rent a property

The best passive income ideas fall on real estate rentals. The needs of Indonesians for this property are great. You can also rent it out for passive income.

For example, you have a boarding house in Jakarta. There are 10 rooms in the pension. The rent per month is Rp. 2 million in accordance with the good facilities. You can also earn Rp. 20 million per month. This is of course a great income without having to work.

3. Selling License System Photos

An example of passive income with small capital is that you sell photo content with a licensing system on a photo-only website.

You earn every time someone downloads your photos. Imagine there are ten people downloading in one day. If someone downloads it every day, the money will be automatically transferred to your account.

First of all, you need to upload a good photo to the site. Try to share the photo sale link on your social media so more people will buy it.

4. Write and publish a book.

The path to passive income worth trying is to write a book and get it published. All you have to do is submit the article to the publisher. If it meets their standards, your book will be sold in bookstores.

Results are obtained after royalties. The more books you sell, the more income you earn.

The royalty system for this book will continue as long as sales can be made. Just look at the Harry Potter novels published in the 90s and still able to produce to this day.

5. Create Youtube content

Creating YouTube content is one way to earn passive income. In addition, Youtube content contains a digital footprint that is easy to find. As long as someone is watching, you make money every month.

However, it is still recommended to create Youtube content as often as possible. Of course, the more videos you upload, the higher and more profitable your earnings will be.

You have to stimulate creativity to be able to show Youtube content that is interesting to watch. The audience is also looking forward to your YouTube content.

6. Long-term equity investment

One of the good passive income investments is long-term stocks. You can receive dividends from stocks. The amount of dividends is adjusted according to the number of profits and shares you have.

Dividends are typically paid once a year and are paid for as long as you hold the stock.

Of course, as the price of your chosen stock increases, so do the dividends you receive. The key is that you need to pick the best stocks.

7. Sell art

Works of art can also bring passive income. Those of you who enjoy creating art can rest assured of a steady stream of income.

An example is singing a song. The nature of a song that can be listened to for decades can keep you from earning royalties for that long.

But of course, you have to make a song that people can hear and that isn’t influenced by time.

8. Create a smartphone application

Those of you who have the expertise to build applications can manage to earn passive income. You earn when someone uses your app and makes payments for premium services.

Especially if the application is downloaded millions of times and users will continue to grow in the future. You also have to update the application according to the needs of the user, but there is no need to create it from scratch.

9. Have a personal blog

Another way to earn passive income is with a personal blog. You can earn from ads clicked on your blog pages. The more someone clicks, the higher the revenue.

In order for ads to appear on your blog, you must first apply to Google AdSense. However, there are some prerequisites that must be met, such as B. writing an original article and lots of people visiting or reading your blog.

10. Sell or learn video tutorials

You can also earn passive income by making video tutorials and then selling them. For example, you want to provide Japanese learning content. You initially record up to 5 levels of video. Then sell them per package.

You can sell as many video recordings as you like from the one-off recording. That makes it passive income for you.


You can choose how you want to earn passive income based on your interests above. Some require large capital, others require no capital at all. However, you still have to do your best to get what you want.

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1. What is passive income?

Passive income is income you receive without having to work first. You can get money without working in certain ways that allow you to earn it.

2. What is the difference between passive income and active income?

Passive income is income earned without working or attempting to take advantage of certain opportunities. While active income is income earned through work or starting a business.

3. Why is the passive income necessary?

Passive income can generate you additional income without you having to work first. This passive income can also come in handy when you are no longer productive. You can still earn easily.